John G. Carter, Staff Ecologist

John hiking near Moab with his Akitas.|||| John hiking near Moab with his Akitas.|||| ||||

John is a professional engineer and PhD ecologist who has been monitoring and engaging the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management for over 20 years regarding land management practices in the wildlife corridor connecting the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to the Uinta Wilderness. By bringing science to the table to reveal the facts upon which management should be based, he promotes restoration and reconnection of habitats for fish and wildlife. Logging, livestock grazing, and off-road vehicle activities are his main focus as these activities affect the largest areas of the landscape. He is publishing his research in these areas so others may make use of the knowledge and information gained. With his akitas carrying equipment and supplies, he has personally monitored numerous watersheds throughout the Yellowstone to Uintas corridor. He lives in the Bear River Range in SE Idaho, and manages a 1034 acre wildlife preserve for research and wildlife. The Preserve is named after Kiesha, his original akita.

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