January 2017

Hello Folks,

We are excited to begin bringing you the latest news with regards to Yellowstone to Uintas Connection on a quarterly basis! A lot of changes are being made that will improve the reach and impact of our work and we are excited to let you all know what is happening here at Y2U!

First, we are pleased to announce that Daniel Carolan, has joined the staff here at Y2U. He will be assuming the role of Social Media Director which will include posting relevant information on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Daniel will be charged with keeping the new and improved web page up to date. He is also a valuable member of our Community Outreach programs and will continue to lend his service in this endeavor as well.

We are super excited to let everyone know that we are currently having a new and improved web page built by the wonderful folks at Third Sun Productions. We are looking forward to the modern format and having a much more interactive web page. The page will be linked with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts providing instantly updated information and announcements. We should have the new site up and running by mid-February.

Kandis and Jason got nearly twenty Grant Proposals written and mailed out in the month of December. Hopefully the forthcoming onslaught on our Public Lands will inspire folks to keep funding the important work that Y2U is doing to protect and improve our Public Lands.

Y2U, in conjunction with Hilary Shugart, Audubon Society, and Susan Jelus, Stand Together, has been organizing several meetings and workshops in the Logan area regarding the Bear River Development. A couple of the more exciting ones are a workshop coming up January 11th, Successful Activism, with a presentation by Dr. Dave Christain aimed at improving our communication with Federal and State Legislators, the media, and potential recruits for our ongoing battle over the Bear River. We also have a meeting with State Senator Lyle Hillyard on the 17th of January to discuss the State of Utah’s upcoming legislation with regards to Bear River Development, funding the Bear River Development, and the State’s vision for the Bear River. The idea is to have a room full of his constituents that oppose developing the Bear River and hopefully sway his voting. I have attached a one sheet of information that was put out by Utah Rivers Council. If you would like more information on any of these meetings, please contact Jason at .

Jason and Kandis will begin lobbying at the State Legislative session, starting January 25th under the guidance of our good friends at Utah Rivers Council. If you are interested in joining, please contact Utah Rivers Council at the following link: www.savethebearriver.org/join-us/ or Jason at .

Y2U will be meeting with the Uinta Wasatch Cache National Forest and the Ashley National Forest Supervisors and Range Specialists in Mountain View, Wyoming January 26th. This meeting is in response to our Report on Trespass Cattle in the Burro Peaks Allotment located in the High Uinta Wilderness Area. I have attached the report.

We have a full load of projects outlined for this year that is going to keep us very busy. I have attached the Y2U 2017 Projects List for your review.

All this office time and not being able to cross country ski this season due to thumb surgery has me dreaming of backpacking and field work. It will be here soon enough but for now our focus is legislation and writing letters to our Federal representatives opposing most of President-Elect Trump’s appointments.

We thank all of you for your continued support. We can’t do this work without all you!

Until next time,

Jason Christensen
Yellowstone to Uintas Connection