Environmental Education

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Education is critical to the work we do. In 2018, we significantly expanded our education and outreach efforts, specifically for youth. During the summer of 2018 Y2U conducted numerous community presentations on watershed and wildlife issues around the corridor.  Y2U also hosted three full day educational events for sixth and eighth grade students from rural schools in northern Utah and Southeastern Idaho at our adopted Limber Pine Trail in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. We taught these students about forest ecology and succession, watershed services, and bird and animal identification. Y2U put together an extensive field guide which was provided to each participant and encouraged the students to go home and “teach” their family what they learned at our event.  Y2U will attempt to procure funding for additional youth education opportunities in 2020. 

Work Plan

Y2U will continue to provide environmental education through public presentations.

Expected Outcome

Educate youth on basic forest ecology and watershed service as well as provide environmental education opportunities to the communities in and around the corridor.