Environmental Education Events

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Education is an important part of our work, especially for youth. We are currently organizing several outdoor environmental education events for students in 2018.

  • Limber Pine Trail Events - In 2018 we will conduct three environmental education events at Limber Pine Nature Trail for 75 students with a grant we received from the National Environmental Education Foundation in September 2017. These events will reach students from rural and urban counties, and diverse backgrounds for the events. The events will feature a take-home field guide for each student, guided tours of the nature trail, and education booths at the trail head. The booths include a mobile education outreach truck from the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, an interactive watershed trailer provided by the Forest Service, and a booth on keystone species managed by Y2U.
  • Kiesha's Preserve Events - In October 2017, we applied for funding from Keen Footwear to put on three additional environmental education events at Kiesha’s Preserve which will include a restoration project and science experiment for students, if we are funded. The restoration project will include installing reflective tags on fences to prevent grouse-fence collisions and cleaning up old barbed wire on the preserve. The science experiment will give students the opportunity to learn plant species identification as they do line-point intersect surveys looking at vegetation on the preserve versus vegetation on adjacent land.

Expected Outcome

We seek to empower the next generation of outdoor recreators, conservation biologists, watershed managers and stewards of the land by helping students learn key natural resources science principles. 

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