Field Work

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Previous field work:

Ongoing field work:

  • Monitoring wildlife in the northern Bear River Range with game cameras. Lynx have been spotted in this area historically and wolverine have been documented in this part of the corridor as recently as 2015 when one was hit by a car near Randolph. Wolverine have been documented on game cameras by the UDWR in the Uinta Mountains in 2014.
  • Conducting bird surveys in the Bear River Range to document bird species and evaluate how their presence changes over time.
  • Examining the impacts of passive restoration in the Bear River Range through cheatgrass surveys on and off of the preserve. We use ungrazed recovering land to adjacent grazed, mined and ATV-degraded land.
  • Collaborative monitoring cattle grazing in the Uintasonitoring cattle grazing in the Uintas. We will be collaboratively monitoring utilization in cattle grazing allotments in the Logan Ranger District in 2018.
  • Collecting water quality data in the Bear River Range.
  • Restoration on Paris Creek.

Expected Outcome

Continue monitoring wildlife, water quality, utilization and other indicators of corridor health. Provide data to the Forest Service, BLM and FWS when appropriate.