Deseret Land and Livestock

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This 200,000 acre private ranch owned by the LDS church spans the Bear River and Monte Cristo Ranges.  It includes 15,000 acres of BLM land.  The current grazing system has been refuted by leading range scientists. In some areas, the land and plant communities are severely degraded.

  • We have requested and received BLM data under FOIA, provided detailed comments and a large number of references to the BLM.  
  • We appealed a request for early turn-in of livestock. The appeal was denied.  
  • We appealed the Final Decision in September, 2015 and became embroiled in back and forth of litigation with BLM and the permittees.
  • We opposed intervention by the State of Utah and prevailed due to their lack of standing in the case. Our briefs have been filed and we await the Judge’s ruling.

Expected Outcome

Given recent decisions by the Interior Board of Land Appeals in favor of BLM, it is difficult to predict the outcome.