BLM Accountability Project (Rich County, Utah)

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Data collected on the BLM’s Duck Creek Allotment over several years have demonstrated that BLM methods do not provide an objective and accurate depiction of conditions on the ground or livestock forage consumption.  We have asked the BLM to participate in an evaluation of their monitoring methods.  They agreed in principal to do this, but have yet to follow through. Y2U will:

  • John Carter, our Staff Ecologist, submitted a research paper which was published in Rangelands Journal refuting standard BLM and livestock industry grazing practices.
  • The BLM’s Office of Scientific Integrity requested that Dr. Carter peer review their national rangeland assessment.  This was done done and submitted with numerous recommendations for more specificity. We are waiting on the release of this report. Y2U Staff are participating in BLM monitoring in Rich County, Utah.
  • We are developing a petition to revise the Animal Unit Month to current livestock forage consumption rates

Expected Outcome

Continued negotiation and project design, modification of BLMs Regional Rangeland Assessment to more accurately reflect condition on the ground versus potential condition.