Uinta Mountains/Platte Petroleum

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This 18,000 foot deep oil exploratory well is adjacent to the High Uinta Wilderness, creates more roads and generates noise that will carry into the wilderness and roadless areas.  Other issues include the project’s heavy water use, chemical discharge, and associated negative impacts on water resources.  The EA was available with an objection deadline in October 2016.

  • We filed multiple objections and the Forest Service produced three EAs in response to our objections and comments.  
  • We engaged in a final resolution meeting and, as a result, the Forest Service released a Final Decision expanding its air quality analysis, wildlife analysis and did away with an excavated pond for wastewater from drilling.
  • A concern was the fact that wildlife would use the pond and be exposed to toxins.  Now the wastewater is contained in a steel tank for disposal.

Expected Outcome

This project is currently on hold, although we continue to monitor additional action by the Forest Service.