Rasmussen Valley Mine

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The Rasmussen Valley mine is a 440-acre open pit phosphate mine. This new mine will impact the region by destroying wetlands, wildlife populations, and plant communities as well as polluting the Blackfoot River and its tributaries with heavy metals. The mine will also cause noise and safety concerns that not only affect wildlife, but also humans.  Y2U submitted comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) in 2016.  The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) came out in September 2016.  Y2U filed an Objection on March 1, 2017.  Y2U was unable to find legal support for litigation efforts to stop this new mine but our comments and objection have informed the mining company and agencies about the negative impacts for the Corridor, the wildlife and the watersheds due to this type of mountaintop removal project and we continue to hammer on these issues with each new project that is proposed.  Lack of legal representation is the only reason we did not litigate this project.

Work Plan

  • Monitor regional environmental impacts of the new mine and other phosphate mining activity in the region.
  • Continue submitting comments and taking part in the NEPA process for mine permitting in this region and raise awareness of the impact of these mines.
  • Work on additional mitigation with this and other mines in the region to offset environmental impacts.

Expected Outcome

We hope to obtain additional mitigations to offset damage and pollution and to improve fish habitat, reduce grazing, and considering deer and elk migration pathways in the region.