Red Ryder Vegetation Management

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In late 2017, Y2U and Wildlands Defense submitted comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) and a proposed alternative for analysis in response to the Forest Service's plans to thin timber in the Bear River Range, both in the Logan and Ogden Ranger Districts. The timber harvest and creation of roads will increase habitat fragmentation and degradation within the Bear River Range and the regionally significant Corridor.  In the spring of 2018, Y2U staff toured the project area with the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Silviculturist and several other Logan Ranger District staff members.  New road construction, gravel pit, prescribed burn and timber harvest areas were inspected. Impacts from the project were discussed as well as potential mitigation of these impacts.  In June of 2018, a Final Decision and Finding of No Significant Impact was issued by the Logan Ranger District.  Y2U chose not to object to this decision and will monitor whether the Forest Service sticks to the agreed upon mitigation including permanent road closures of new and existing roads in the project area.  Implementation of this project by the Forest Service has not occurred at this time. 

Work Plan

  • Y2U will monitor the impact of the project and work with the Forest Service regarding closing new and existing roads in the project area.
  • Work with the Forest Service to ensure sound science is used for thinning prescriptions and that the logging company adheres to such prescriptions.
  • Ensure that vegetation management projects ensure the protection of sensitive habitat and that habitat fragmentation is considered during the planning of future forest restoration projects in the region.

Expected Outcome

Unknown at this time.


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