Winchell Project

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Y2U is actively engaged in efforts to stay educated on current land management science. We work diligently to attend conferences, review relevant publications and meet with agency personnel to accomplish this goal. For example, Y2U staff attended the 2017 Restoring the West conference at Utah State University to learn about current science on wildlands fire management and related topics. Since then, Y2U has organized several follow-up meetings with Forest Service siliviculturists to gain a deeper understanding of forest restoration needs that have resulted from 50 years of fire suppression. Our goal is to ensure that the feedback we provide to agencies is constructive and well-informed by science. 

Y2U has submitted comments to the Caribou-Targhee National Forest in response to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) with regard to a proposed project to build an ATV route between Morgan Meadows and the deserted historic mining town of Caribou City in the Caribou Range. The area is part of the regionally significant wildlife corridor that spans from the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to the Southern Rockies, and motorized use on the proposed route would further displace wildlife in an area that is already overrun with OHVs/ATVs. Wildlife negatively affected by this habitat fragmentation include threatened species, the Canada lynx and wolverine, as well big game like deer and elk. Necessity for this motorized route has not been established as routes already exist to both Morgan Meadows and Caribou City. We are requesting further updates on the progress of this proposed project. Please see the attachment below for full comments.