Road Closures

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Yellowstone to Uintas Connection has been working on a new approach with regard to how we interact with federal land management agencies, such as the Forest Service, in which we have been offering our resources  to assist these agencies in accomplishing their stated goals. This is especially important in areas such as Forest Travel Plans and grazing management protocols, where the agency often doesn’t have the resources to fully monitor impacts of grazing and OHV use.

  • In September, 2017, on a field trip with a District Ranger, he mentioned that there were many roads that were closed to motorized travel in the Forest Travel Plan but that the Forest Service does not have the funding to physically close the roads. Our Director, Jason Christensen, retired from the landscape industry last year and sold most of his equipment to Kiesha's Preserve (KM Ranch), the wildlife preserve that we manage in Southeastern Idaho. Jason asked the District Ranger if he would be willing to let Y2U assist the Forest Service with closing roads with our equipment and operators. He accepted the offer.
  • During two field trips in October, 2017, we successfully closed off 6.2 unauthorized motor vehicle trails in the Bear River Range. We met with the Logan District Ranger in late October and outlined our road closure success working with the Montpelier District Ranger.

Expected Outcome

It is likely we will continue our road closures with both Logan and Montpelier Ranger Districts in 2018.