Simplot Company's Proposed Dairy Syncline Mine

Example – Smoky Canyon haul road across ridges with deep cut Fall, 2016||||| Example – Smoky Canyon haul road across ridges with deep cut Fall, 2016||||| |||||

In February 2019, Y2U submitted comments on the joint prepared (Bureau of Land Management and Caribou-Targhee National Forest) Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Dairy Syncline Mine, J.R. Simplot's proposed open pit phosphate mine in southeast Idaho. The proposed mine is in a regionally signifcant wildlife corridor and would negatively impact habitat for wildlife including sage grouse, big game, lynx, wolverine, birds, and fish. The DEIS fails to take into account proper mitigation for sedimentation of streams, destruction of streams, springs, and riparian and wetland habitats. Furthermore, the area around the mine is already deemed a Superfund Site subject to Natural Resource Damages from past and/or ongoing mining pollution.

We conclude that these mining projects are an experiment with undetermined results. Past mines surely had models and made claims regarding their efficacy, yet selenium pollution still occurred in streams due to inadequate environmental protection measures and apparent failures in analysis and design. These mining proposals also necessitate extended review for organizations to give proper feedback. Unfortunately, these shortened comment periods are the new normal under the Trump administration. Y2U will continue to monitor the situation and work with public lands agencies to suggest further analysis and mitigation efforts to minimize the impact on habitat, fish, and wildlife.

See attachment below for full comments.