Three Creeks Project

Livestock damaged stream in Rich County. Photo Credits: Salt Lake Tribune||||| Livestock damaged stream in Rich County. Photo Credits: Salt Lake Tribune||||| |||||


This 140,000 acre intensive infrastructure and grazing project by BLM and Forest Service will further fragment wildlife habitat in the Bear River Range. We have been negotiating with BLM for  four years to engage the public in an objective, science-based projec. The effort has not moved the agency.  We continue to work with other organizations to promote a project that sets aside streams and watersheds important to cutthroat trout, sage grouse and pronghorn.  We and our partners have collected habitat and water quality data and submitted it to the agency as well as providing detailed comments on the draft EA/EIS, which has been delayed for over a year. 

  • In summer 2017, we met with Wild Utah Project and Western Watersheds Project staff to train ourselves in the BLM’s Multiple Indicator Monitoring (MIM) methods for riparian assessment.
  • We will continue monitoring with MIM methods and compare to other methods such as riparian monitoring protocols developed by Wild Utah Project (Riparian Stream Rapid Assessment [RSRA]).
  • We will present results to the BLM, and if necessary, appeal the EA/EIS.

Expected Outcome

Continue to monitor riparian conditions in the Three Creeks allotment and provide feedback to the BLM based on their monitoring methods. We will also give suggestions for improved monitoring methods that more accurately reflect the true condition in over-grazed riparian areas. Our goal is to work with the BLM to establish better monitoring of riparian areas and sage grouse habitat within the allotment.