Bear River Development

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The Bear River and its tributaries are home to Bonneville cutthroat trout and many other species. Hundreds of thousands of people from Wyoming, Idaho and Utah rely on this river system for drinking water. Y2U continues to attend all public meetings of the newly formed Cache Water Conservancy District to resist plans for developing dams on Bonneville cutthroat trout streams in the Bear River Range and on the Bear River itself.   In Spring of 2017, PacifiCorp (the largest dam operator on the Bear River) proposed raising Cutler Dam in Cache County by 3 feet to provide more hydroelectricity generation. There are community concerns that this will inundate productive farmland and wetland habitat.

Y2U is finding partners to help conduct a Geographic Information Science (GIS) analysis of the proposal. In October 2018, PacifiCorp will begin collecting public feedback for the project’s Environmental Impact Statement, which Y2U will be heavily involved with. We are in direct contact with PacifiCorp’s Cutler Dam project lead.

Expected Outcome

During the EIS process, use the GIS analysis to provide critical data on the project’s impact to city infrastructure, local agricultural operations, and migratory bird habitat. Y2U will also be attempting to educate Utah Legislators and their constituents in regards to the detrimental effect of drying up tens of thousands of acres of the Great Salt Lake – the West’s largest wetland ecosystem that is vital habitat for 8-10 million migratory birds.