Bear River Range E. Coli Monitoring

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Y2U has been monitoring water quality in the Bear River Range. The watersheds are adjacent to the urban environment of Logan and other communities in and near Cache Valley, Utah. Wildlife habitat is compromised by livestock, off-road vehicles, and water development.  We have submitted comments and will be continuing our own monitoring of the area.

  • In summer 2017, our Ecological Technician and two summer field technicians visited allotments to collect habitat data.
  • They monitored water quality for comparison to drinking water and recreation criteria as these are Municipal watersheds.
  • In October 2017, we prepared an E. Coli report which was submitted to the Forest Service.
  • Most recently, in 2018, we monitored water quality in Millville, Rich, and Paris Canyons. Unfortunately, the results in all 3 watersheds were below state standards for both Utah and Idaho.

Expected Outcome

A challenge of the Environmental Assessment of these allotments. We will negotiate for better utilization, rotation, and in some cases, closing areas of high recreational conflict and water quality impairment.

See both reports attached below.