Rasmussen Valley Mine

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The proposed Rasmussen Valley mine is a 440 acre open pit phosphate mine. The creation of this mine will destroy wetlands, wildlife populations, and plant communities while polluting the Blackfoot River and its tributaries with heavy metals. The mine will also cause noise and safety concerns that not only affect wildlife, but also humans.

  • We filed comments on the Draft EIS in 2016. The Final EIS came out in September 2016 and we filed an objection on March 1, 2017, in which Y2U officially appealed the mine with the BLM.
  • In May, 2017, Y2U attended the Upper Blackfoot Coalition tour of the Blackfoot River including the Blackfoot Reservoir, mainstem and upstream tributaries adjacent to Rasmussen Mine. Participants were Monsanto, Simplot, Agrium, DEQ, IDFG, NRCS, Forest Service, BLM, Trout Unlimited, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Sage Steppe Land Trust.  34 people attended.

Expected Outcome

We established several contacts in the coalition and Monsanto during the tour in May. We are working with this coalition on mine mitigation efforts moving forward. Our goal at the mine site and adjacent land is to improve fish habitat, reduce grazing, and considering deer and elk migration pathways. We hope to obtain additional mitigations to offset damage and pollution.