Y2U to oppose the Trillion Trees Act

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On February 20th, 2020, Y2U, along with several other conservation organizations submitted comments to express our opposition to H.R. 5859, the Trillion Trees Act introduced by Congressman Bruce Westerman (R-Ark.).  While we support ecologically sound tree-planting as a means to increase carbon sequestration andclimate adaptation, this legislation presents a false solution for addressing the climate crisis by misallocating resources to focus on industrial logging rather than on urgently needed steep reductions of fossil fuel emissions. The bill would significantly increase logging across America’s federal forests, convert millions of acres into industrial tree plantations, increase carbon emissions, increase wildfire risk, and harm wildlife and watersheds.  We strongly support U.S. leadership to halt deforestation internationally and to reforest severely degraded and converted forests. However, the international section of the bill has no binding requirements and relies instead on voluntary private donations, calling into question the efficacy of that provision.

Click here to read the full letter to Raúl Grijalva, Chair of the Committee on Natural Resources.